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Modheshwari Mataji

Modheshwari mataji is believed to be an incarnation of devi Parvati or Durga. She is clan deity (Kul-devi) of the Modh community of Gujarat. The most prominent temple of Modheshwari mataji is located at Modhera, which is a small town in Mehsana district of Gujarat, India. Another ancient Modheshwari mataji temple is located at Chanasama in Patan taluka of Gujarat.

Modh Brahmin Community

Modh communities comprise people who use the name and originate from Modhera in Gujarat, India. In Gujarat and in Rajasthan, there are many examples of Hindu communities who take their name from a town and thus there exist both Modh Brahmin and Modh Vanik or Vaniya as well as several other communities.

Community Details

Want to know which are Top-10 locations where our community families are located? Or, what is the original family name/village for your immediate ancestors? Or, about some of our key ceremonies?   Read on…

Family Tree

Understanding history of our ancestors using Family tree charts, can be a fascinating experience. Unless your family already has such records, tracing our old family roots can be a challenge. Want to see some cool samples?…


Panchang is our own Indian calendar, which follows traditional units of Hindu timekeeping and shows important dates for each month. They also show sun-rise/sun-set times as well as details of eclipses & Choghadiya (auspicious times).

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