Details of MCCS Mandals

There are several Mandals engaged in serving the Modh Chaturvediya Chuntha Samvay (or MCCS) Brahman community in various cities. Some of these are registered and have a formal history whereas some others are functioning as informal community groups.

Shree Modh Chaturvediya (C.S.) Vidyarthi Bhavan which first started at Palitana on 11 November 1945  and later moved to Bhavnagar is one of our oldest such Mandals, started in 1947. In 1949, Narmadaben Gaurishankar Trivedi donated the land/building at Vadva, Bhavnagar for our community – which is now known as Gaurishankar Hirji ni wadi. Shree Mumbai Modh Chaturvediya (C.S.) Yuvak Mandal closely followed it, established in 1951. Subsequently similar Mandal activities also started at Ahmedabad (18 September 1979), Gariyadhar (20 July 1987), Rajkot, Surat etc.

Focus of Bhavnagar Vidyarthi Bhavan remained providing support for education via their Boarding facilities for boys initially at Sardar nagar and later for girls at Kanya Chhatralay. Over the years, more than 500 students (boys & girls) of our community have benefited from these facilities. Besides, these premises are also used for periodic community functions like Janoi ceremony, Havan-puja, Rudra-bhishek etc.

Focus of Mumbai Yuvak Mandal was to bring all community members together for periodic celebrations like Navratri dandiya raas and Diwali get togethers that continued for many years. Mumbai Yuvak Mandal published 3 editions (1964, 1978 & 2001) of detailed Vasti-patraks (Members’ directory) containing key details of every single community member living in Mumbai. They also organized 3 very successful Samuh-Janoi functions in 1990, 1995 and in 2000. In 2005 a new Mandal in Mumbai was formed as Shree Modh Chaturvediya Utkarsh Mandal which took over activities from the old Mumbai Yuvak Mandal. In 2006 the Utkarsh Mandal organized a Samuh Shiv Laghu Rudra-abhishek function. A key feature of annual Diwali function at Mumbai is felicitation of community elders completing 80 years.

Similar activities are also conducted in other big centers like Surat & Ahmedabad, as well as in some smaller centers like Sihor, Amreli, Vadodara etc. with the main objective of bringing our community members together.

Details of such Mandals, along with their current office-bearers and their Contact details are given below:

1Shri Modh Chaturvedi Utkarsh MandalPresidentShri Vijay Vaijnath Bhatt98202 06523
Registration No. E-22310 dtd. 28-1-2005Vice PresidentShri Vijay Pranshankar Jani98202 30731
Address: 803/804, Karm Sandesh-2, Janata Colony road,OrganizerShri Chetan Natvarlal Trivedi98205 45676
Hingwala cross lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400077.SecretaryShri Pradeep Gaurishankar Trivedi98920 91422
Joint SecretaryShri Dipak Amrutlal Trivedi95572 37272
Committee memberShri Sanjay Maheshchandra Shukla98201 57349
Committee memberShri Axay Ratilal Dixit93210 26467
Committee memberShri Bhruguraj Balwantrai Trivedi98922 56558
Committee memberShri Prakash Jayantilal Pathak93264 71868
Committee memberShri Pankaj Girijashankar Jani91520 54561
2Modh Chaturvediya (C.S.) Vidyarthi Bhavan, BhavnagarManaging TrusteeShri Bhavanishankar Jivalal Dixit94269 62707
Registration No.897-AManaging TrusteeShri Kaushikbhai Balwantrai Trivedi94274 30990
Address: 2085-A Sardar nagar, Managing TrusteeShri Nitinbhai Nathalal Trivedi98251 73361
Bhavnagar-364002 Phone (0278-2569729)TrusteeShri Vimalbhai Dilipbhai Trivedi94269 02447
Kanya Chhatralay, Preranadham, 766-B, K.K. Avenue road, TrusteeShri Nikulbhai Pravinbhai Rawal94274 26392
Bhavnagar-364001, Phone-(0278-2200883)TrusteeShri Dhimantbhai Vasantbhai Bhatt94297 70399
TrusteeShri Dhruvbhai Bhupatbhai Trivedi98798 23407
PresidentShri Darshanbhai Ramniklal Pathak98243 52280
Vice PresidentShri Jayeshbhai Himatlal Shukal98253 38903
SecretaryShri Jigneshbhai Dilipbhai Trivedi98982 12761
SecretaryShri Ashokbhai Popatbhai Dixit96620 61228
SecretaryShri Dipenbhai Bhavanishankar Dixit75677 66258
Joint SecretaryShri Miteshbhai Anilbhai Bhatt94277 55117
TreasurerShri Jigneshbhai Kishorchandra Trivedi94274 48475
Joint TreasurerShri Amitkumar Mahendrabhai Jani94296 36448
Committee memberShri Nileshbhai Girishchandra Trivedi94271 13649
Committee memberShri Janmejaybhai Mukundray Trivedi99789 12710
Committee memberShri Bhadreshbhai Umedrai Trivedi94297 01020
Committee memberShri Riteshbhai Anilbhai Bhatt94288 56185
Committee memberShri Jitendrabhai Gajananbhai Bhatt94299 73543
Co-opted Committee memberShri Bakulbhai Kantibhai Trivedi98258 36585
Co-opted Committee memberShri Ashwinbhai Anantrai Shukal92282 85848
Co-opted Committee memberShri Ravindrabhai Pradyumanbhai Trivedi94265 45304
Co-opted Committee memberShri Ketanbhai Prahladbhai Trivedi74054 20395
Co-opted Committee memberShri Bhaveshbhai Shankarlal Dixit99241 22079
3Shri Modh Chaturvediya Chuntha Samvay PresidentShri Nilesh Girishchandra Trivedi79909 55008
Brahman Yuva Sangathan, SuratVice PresidentShri Ashish Shantilal Trivedi98255 04877
Vice PresidentShri Tejas Mahendrabhai Trivedi99250 47118
SecretaryShri Anand Rajnikant Trivedi98249 10371
SecretaryShri Darshan Rajendrabhai Bhatt98240 38379
TreasurerShri Hardik Pravinbhai Trivedi93745 36145
TreasurerShri Kaushik Rajendrabhai Yagnik98251 40942
Committee memberShri Manish Lalshankar Raval 95105 21119
Committee memberShri Kamal Mahendrabhai Trivedi94268 48168
Committee memberShri Vipul Manharlal Trivedi 98792 79920
Committee memberShri Kiran Mulshankarbhai Bhatt 84878 80565
Committee memberShri Devendra Rameshbhai Trivedi 98258 27070
Committee memberShri Jatin Vinubhai Trivedi 94268 47932
Committee memberShri Vipul Shantilal Trivedi93777 77335
Committee memberShri Yatrik Naineshbhai Trivedi90162 15271
Committee memberShri Pratik Prafullbhai Trivedi93755 25177
Committee memberShri Nishith Rajeshbhai Bhatt98980 90094
Committee memberShri Tejas Maheshbhai Trivedi98251 97701
Committee memberShri Pavan Kiritbhai Trivedi90992 73151
Committee memberShri Gaurav Jayshukhlal Pathak99798 60522
Committee memberShri Jaydeep Shashikantbhai Pathak99257 43051
Committee memberShri Pranav Jitendrabhai Trivedi90168 67066
Committee memberShri Mahendra Himmatbhai Trivedi98255 96512
Committee memberShri Rishi Girishbhai Pathak83067 99991
Committee memberShri Jatin Nirmalbhai Trivedi84693 79349
Committee memberShri Amrish Shirishbhai Bhatt78787 70771
Committee memberShri Pratik Rameshbhai Trivedi98790 15193
Committee memberShri Gopal Praduymanbhai Trivedi94265 45304
Committee memberShri Shivang Himanshubhai Trivedi94287 41415
Committee memberShri Hardik Upendrabhai Shukal94262 88440
Committee memberShri Hardik Bharatbhai Jani84010 84140
Committee memberShri Bhavik Bharatbhai Trivedi90332 66979
Committee memberShri Tejas Gajendrabhai Trivedi95105 11120
Committee memberShri Jignesh Kishorbhai Trivedi95379 10442
Committee memberShri Viren S. Bhatt94268 59341
4Shri Modh Chaturvediya (Chuntha Samvay)PresidentShri Ajaybhai Chandrakant Dave99099 87946
Brahman Yuvak Mandal, AhmedabadVice PresidentShri Dhavalbhai Pravinchandra Trivedi98790 04404
Registration No.A/312134, Devi Krupa society, ConvenerShri Dinkarbhai Mahashankar Trivedi98250 21821
C.T.M. char rasta, Ahmedabad - 380 026.ConvenerShri Piyushbhai Shantilal Trivedi94292 63245
ConvenerShri Rajeshbhai Labhshankar Trivedi99095 14080
ConvenerShri Maheshbhai Dayashankar Pathak81608 62196
ConvenerShri Hirenbhai Vinodbhai Trivedi99989 84206
AdvisorShri Bakulbhai Jagjivanbhai Pathak98257 43897
SecretaryShri Gaurangbhai Hariprasad Pathak92777 71059
Joint SecretaryShri Dhavalbhai Vijaybhai Trivedi99984 02016
TreasurerShri Hirenbhai Dineshbhai Rawal99744 89560
Joint TreasurerShri Chetan Jayantilal Trivedi81289 90466
President-Ladies wingSmt. Mamtaben Maheshbhai Pathak95374 52687
Vice President-Ladies wingSmt. Bhavnaben Bhavinbhai Trivedi97276 81616
Committee memberShri Jitendrabhai Narandas Pathak93270 11457
Committee memberShri Devangbhai Jaysukhbhai Pathak98252 45610
Committee memberShri Bhaskarbhai Shantilal Trivedi98253 16059
Committee memberShri Bandishbhai Ghanshyambhai Bhatt98280 09882
Committee memberShri Vijaybhai Labhshankar Trivedi94263 42372
Committee memberShri Baijubhai Himatlal Dixit98981 77958
Committee memberShri Rajeshbhai Gajanandbhai Trivedi94273 10866
Committee memberShri Ashwinbhai Anantrai Shukal92282 85848
Committee memberShri Bhavnesh Gunvantrai Pathak94260 48707
Committee memberShri Kishorbhai Gunvantrai Pathak96240 97500
Committee memberShri Bhavinbhai Ganpatram Trivedi97274 36605
Committee memberShri Kandarpbhai Piyushbhai Trivedi99092 60237
Committee memberShri Krutinbhai Vasantbhai Trivedi90990 57527
Committee memberShri Kaushalbhai Maheshbhai Trivedi97140 94293
Committee memberShri Hardikbhai Jitendrabhai Trivedi98987 84478
Committee memberShri Pranavbhai Bipinbhai Dave99980 43807
5M.C.C.S Mandal, SihorOrganizerShri Tarak Vishnubhai Pathak90169 48757
OrganizerShri Manoj Maheshchandra Trivedi94289 93358
Committee memberShri Ashutosh Umeshbhai Trivedi94273 34085
Committee memberShri Deep Piyushbhai Trivedi90433 89952
Committee memberShri Dadhichi Yogeshbhai Pathak78781 49955
Committee memberShri Rajesh Maheshbhai Trivedi90337 91636
Committee memberShri Chintan Prakashbhai Trivedi98249 75454
Committee memberShri Shailesh Kishorbhai Raval98525 21737
Committee memberShri Hitesh Chimanbhai Trivedi94284 96622
Committee memberShri Kunjan Prakashbhai Trivedi97370 97771
Committee memberShri Devarshi Dipakbhai Trivedi70484 34026
Committee memberShri Dharmaj Bharatbhai Shukal88663 03955
Committee memberShri Vimal Nareshbhai Pathak94271 46799
6Shri Modh Chaturvediya (Chuntha Samvay) PresidentShri Prafulbhai Ramniklal Pathak99798 78277
Brahman Parivar, VadodaraVice PresidentShri Shashikantbhai Chhaganlal Trivedi79843 50538
Committee memberShri Pareshbhai Rameshchandra Rawal94270 81072
Committee memberShri Manishbhai Vinayakrai Pathak97243 16904
Committee memberShri Maheshbhai Jashvantray Dave99090 30336
Committee memberShri Bhaveshbhai Arvindbhai Dixit98208 18354